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My trip to Austin for Labor Day weekend ended in two of my girlfriends and I getting tattoos.

Earlier in the day we were having a couple beers entertaining the idea of getting another tattoo, or in my friend Paige’s case her first. After getting back to her place we looked up designs and tattoo parlors in the area. We started driving to 6th street, in my head I was thinking “Wow, we are actually doing this”.

After talking to Zach at the front of the shop for an hour, Paige was set on getting her first tat, “Free Yourself” on her ribs! I was in disbelief (still) that we were all actually doing this. It was going to take some convincing for me to get mine, though.

Jessie decided on a music note on her hand. There was some deliberation between us when the artist asked which one she wanted. Because none of knew the difference between a damn treble or bass clef. Anyways, her design was ready and so was she. 

Then there was me. All alone, with Zach browsing through tons of horrible elephant photos on google image finder. I refused to get a generic design on my body. So I told him I would wait on getting the elephant I had been wanting. After all this wasn’t some spur of the moment decision I had to make. 

Paige endured the pain and taunting from her tattoo artist, while squeezing the life out of our hands. Her face expressed sheer panic, horror, pain, and relief by the time it was all done. I had to take a deep breath for her. On to the next one. 

Jessie’s was fairly quick and painless, or so she made it seem. I’m watching and all of a sudden my friend Zach comes walking over to me with a small piece of paper. Hmm. 

He had the drawing he had just designed of an elephant with it’s trunk up. The minimal design and size impressed me. He made a few changes and I was sold. So, my relief of not getting a tattoo turned to the pre-adrenallin rush of the permanence I was about to face. The artist, I hate that I have forgotten his name, was very kind and helped me make sure the placement was great.

Did I mention Paige’s artist had an elephant on his leg, and a photograph of an elephant on his desk? I took it as a sign I should get mine, as if I needed more reason.

So I sat in the chair, raised my hair and felt the ink go into the back of my neck. The feeling is unexplainable to those who have never been inked. I love the feeling in a weird way and I only have two tattoos, now. 

So ta da. The story of getting tatted with two bad chicks in Austin, TX. The whole trip leading up to that night was awesome, we had some post-tatt drinks to relieve the rush and small regret. 

That night in the apartment we all started uncontrollably laughing at our tattoos. We all just felt ridiculous for actually following through with getting them. Then Paige says “What are the chances of us waking up and saying I love our tattoos!” After we think about it for a second we just start laughing.

I find Paige the next morning wincing in pain in the bathroom, I peel my plastic and tape off my soggy neck and try to get a glimpse of what I’ve done. Jessie is staring at her wrist with a worried expression. Both her and Paige were seeing their families that day and I was going home to mine. Enter panic mode. 

Driving home I felt accomplished, like a newer person, it was awesome. The trip was awesome, and I have no regrets at all. I do want to add more to it to make it look more Asian or intricate. For the time being I love it and I can easily cover it with my hair if I need to. 

I’ll never forget that trip and the people it was with or the feeling I left Austin with.

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Health by mjayyheart

I wish&#8230;


Health by mjayyheart

I wish…

You can find beauty in nature everyday. You just have to look outside.

“The best thing about dreams is that fleeting moment, when you are between asleep and awake, when you don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy, when for just that one moment you feel with your entire soul that the dream is reality, and it really happened.”


After some deliberation I must say a blanket or cup of tea. Don’t make me pick one. 

— nthe simultaneous existence of two opposed and conflicting attitudes, emotions, etc

— nthe simultaneous existence of two opposed and conflicting attitudes, emotions, etc

Je suis Louis et j&#8217;adore les devoirs de français! 

Je suis Louis et j’adore les devoirs de français!